Note To Self Series:

Emotional Pain:

View emotional pain as an energy.  Not good or bad, just energy.  For example, if someone says something hurtful and you start to feel the painful subtleties well-up in the experience and the thoughts you want to express as a quick reaction,  remember that you are actually creating a resisting type of energy that accumulates in the heart.  Also remember that if something someone says stings you enough to move you to react in a similar negative reaction and you really cannot breathe through it, then there is some energy that is still stuck in your amygdala that needs to be cleared so that insignificant events don’t create a trigger for past events stored emotionally. 

This note is inspired by a book I listened to called “the untethered soul” by Michael A. Singer. The “untethered soul” provides clear perspectives to the understanding about the voice in your head, the chatter that questions all your decisions or some call it the monkey brain.

Norma Cardenas
Essence Marketing, LLC


Set intentions for EARTH DAY 2015!
In case you can not get out and spend time in nature, you might want to consider a contribution to the Earth vibe by taking a deep breath upon awakening, of appreciation for Mother Earth and slowly exhale that intent back into the universe. Or take 5 minutes, put some headphones on, close your eyes, notice your breath as the nature sounds on this video clear out some emotional clutter. Make it your day.

To Define Your Purpose Start with Intention

I believe that each of us has a purpose and everyone I meet is part of my journey to finding that purpose. Even if it’s for a moment (good or not so good).  I also believe that the journey to define my purpose, is created in the intention I set for myself, with the idea of detaching myself from the need to know the details on how to create the journey of that said intention.

Someone once put it this way: When you plant a seed in the ground, you don’t go back and dig it up every other day to see if it has sprouted… you leave it alone, trusting that the seed has everything in it and understands the season it’s in when it is planted and that it understands it’s the season to bloom. In the meantime, the one who plants the seed might want to make some time to clear the weeds because the weeds might get in the way of the proper blooming of the seed, when the season comes. And we all know that even when the weeds aren’t cleared, there is no stopping mother nature from taking its course, even when there are weeds weighing down the path of the seed. 

In other words: How about putting out an intention, FOR YOURSELF (plant the seed), with the trust that YOU already have infinite organizing power (without having to dig it up every other day) and that you practice removing the “ego” and people and situations that don’t embrace/enhance your good and prosperous intentions, (remove the weeds) then let mother nature (what you were born with) take it’s course like the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly, or the seed in the ground that knows what season to bloom in. Then allow the journey to discovering your “purpose” bring more PEACE, HARMONY, LAUGHTER and ABUNDANCE.

Notice your thoughts and ask yourself if your last thought was self sabotaging or creative.  What is your intention for yourself?  The best way to bring realization to your set intentions, is to apply action.  Do at least one thing today that will apply action toward positive results to your intentions.  Feel the high vibe.



Resistance is…


Resistance is the indication that it’s time to expand. Your soul is calling you to move out of all feelings of being stuck. This might help ease the resistance-

“Imagine you breathe in white light, let it engulf your entire body and as you exhale to the count of 8… release the tension in your feet, stomach and shoulders.” (Repeat)