Cancel That! And Let It Bloom!

“Joy cannot be perceived except through constant vision” ~TCIM

What you think and how you see what you think is what you will attract as a desired outcome to any situation. Catch that negative thought and say “cancel that”, replace with a desired outcome to any situation by seeing it in your minds eye and even take a moment to FEEL it as if it already happened. Let your body register the outcome. Then don’t uncover the seed, let it go and let it grow. InJoy!

In Any Situation

In any situation, for those of you working on a SELF awareness, what is my PURPOSE, how can I CONTRIBUTE to the imprint of humankind journey, again I say, in any situation, before moving forward, ask yourself… “What is the purpose that it will serve?”

In other words, evaluate the out come at the beginning of the situation, adding a vision that includes SELF, PURPOSE and CONTRIBUTION on your part, so you can decide if that would be the right path for you.

Listen in silence to that part of you that has a knowing and feel how it expresses throughout your body and you will know if it is the right path for you.

Thoughts inspired by “A Course In Miracles”.  Enjoy!