How Do You Feed YOUR Field?

I LOVE reading, learning and experimenting with the “Field Of Potentiality”!

Knowledge may be power, but powerless if the force (that would be YOU) retaining that knowledge doesn’t put it to use.  Don’t wait for the next Certification or Masters Degree to start gaining experience and manifesting your reality today.   Work it all at the same time.

If you tend to follow my moments of thought that I like to share, you know that I like to remind people (and myself) that it is scientifically proven that we ARE energy.  We feel it, take it in, and put it out.

So here’s the thing, if our energy creates the VIBE everywhere we are, why don’t most people realize that if the VIBE is not good where they are, why not change it? From my experience, I can either add to the existing VIBE by feeding into it or change it by creating a new one.  I don’t know why I strayed a little with that thought, but maybe that message is for someone reading this right now.

Let’s get back to the “Field Of Potentiality”.  So here is my thought, if I am not experiencing peace, joy and love, it’s my own illusions keeping me from it.  Think about this, I suggest that you notice today and everyday, that your inner thoughts and emotions are manifested in your day to day.  It really matters what you put your attention on (even if it’s only your so called silent thoughts in your head), that’s enough to create your reality in the field of potentiallity .  The Field doesn’t discriminate, it works off your free-will.  You can chose to be in the field of miracles or the field of misery.    By the way, it helps to surround yourself with like minded people to amp up the potentiality of your reality, so pick your people carefully, feed the misery or feed the miracle. Your choice.

Be at peace, joy and love with YOURSELF first and it will extend as your day to day reality.  In JOY!