Just A Thought Or Just A Doubting Thought?

Think about when you doubt something, like when you want something and you don’t believe it.  When you do this, you send out an opposing VIBE.  Examples: “I want to lose weight, but…”, “I want to find a better job, but…”, “I want to see peace in the world, but…”.

Think of it this way… a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking.  A lot of our decisions come from our conditioning, sometimes this can be conditioning from a false premise. SO, here’s my thought, and maybe you might join me on this.  If you do, I would love for you to share your thoughts on my Facebook page “What’s Your VIBE?” https://www.facebook.com/yourvibe1.

I will experiment (write it, feel it, visualize it, say it) starting now, that I will think of something I desire to happen.  I will think it, till I believe it.  I will watch how the universe will bring the details together for me, because I know that “how” it gets done is none of my business.  Why none of my business you may ask?  Think of it like this, when I ask for something, from something that is bigger than me (God, source, angels, etc.), to make the things I desire happen, who am I to demand the details in advance.  I like the idea that my practice needs to be focused on raising my vibration to allow my vibe to match that of source (which is a bigger part of me), in order to manifest my thought into reality.

I will smile in acknowledgment of  the synchronicities, coincidences, new relationships and gifts that come my way in the process of manifesting.   My first thought with FABULOUS intention will be that you have a FABULOUS day all day! Smile!

B A L A N C E For 2014

Embrace, Enhance & Empower your inner knowing. AKA your intuition. You have all the answers to any situation that arises in your life. 

TIP:  When you need to make a decision today,

find a quiet place,

take a deep breath to clear your energy.

Close your eyes and put your hands over your heart.

Ask the question again,

LISTEN to your body by FEELING what’s right or what’s not so good for right now. Then smile.