VIBE Change!


The VIBE is changing up! Are you ready?

Everyday there are signs that the VIBE around us is continuous and always evolving.

This VIBE waits for no one. You might want to ride the VIBE. This VIBE can be predictable. You may notice hints of the VIBE change when you notice the snow melting outside your window, or a sudden serge of birds chirping in the morning or like me, noticed the fruit tree losing it’s blossoms to make way for the fruit. It’s time for the next change up in the environmental VIBE, and like the tree is naturally clearing what no longer serves it at the moment, I encourage you to make time to to do the same.

Here’s my contribution toward changing up your VIBE; toward an emotionally blooming environment.

Make a break for yourSELF today.

“Sit comfortable, feet flat on the floor, take a deep breath, close your eyes…, visualize or imagine that you have tiny faucets at the end of your toes.  NOW, tighten your feet (hold) r e l a x .. your feet,  imagining any tension rolling right out of your bodythrough the faucets on your toes.  Now proceed to tighten and release your thighs, stomach, chest, and shoulders sending out any discomfort out through your toes. Now, relax your jawbone, your cheekbones and your eye sockets.  You are safe, now just allow your body to enjoy a light floating feeling of relaxation. That’s it…..  Now take a d e e p.. breath and…. Exhale…..  when you are ready then open your eyes s l o w l y…  And when you feel comfortable you may get up slowly. Smile.

Click here for audio (headphones recommended).




Thought Tweak of the day!

Let me tweak a thought today…

Have you noticed that when one gives, (donation, a helping hand, time) they tend to expect something back.  How about coming from an unconditional place? OFFERING. When one is offering (their time, donation, helping hand) one tends to be satisfied with the act itself. Offering is so much more fun and the quickest way to raise your VIBE. When you don’t expect anything, then you will also eliminate the moment of getting hurt because you didn’t get the response you expected.

The best part is that when doing things from this perspective, the return of blessings in your own life start to show up as an offering. (someone offers to donate to your cause, someone offers to help you lift something on to your car, someone offers to give you a ride, etc.) Offer yourSELF today to raise your VIBE!