Energy Of The Feminine!


It’s in the wind and it’s global.  The powerful progressive ENERGY of the FEMININE, is emerging at such a high level in this time. The evidence…. FEAR.

Fear has been displayed at all levels, from “glass ceilings”, limited studies on women’s health, politically restrictive policies to access, limiting beliefs toward women in leadership roles, to the fatal destruction of woman’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not blaming this on men.  I have been blessed to learn from men who understand the productive and life changing energy taught to them by women in their own lives. I simply want to bring awareness, that conditioning and old paradigm belief systems within societies have been nurtured to a high frequency for so long, that the FEEL you might be getting on a day to day can be hopelessness.

On thee “it takes a village” vibe, I only suggest to keep an eye out and support the women that have stepped up into the light and placed themselves in a vulnerable space.  Observe those women that are coming from a place of “mindfulness”.  Then support them.  Mindful women will open doors and create avenues for more women to thrive. I love the word shared with me this week “FEMTOR”.  Mentor or Femtor, be one for the youth in our communities. Keep sharing the VIBE!

“May kidnapped girls and women around the world, have strength and courage till their safe return to witness how the their journey has contributed to the healing of our planet.”