5 Minutes to De-clutter Your Vibe

De-clutter your emotional catch basins so you may experience a flow in your environment.

When challenging changes in our day to day occur, our bodies tend to register these moments like small trauma events. Sometimes we think we are over it.

Make time (5 minutes) to notice the feelings of being upset or anxious or anxiety or muscle ache or neck shoulder ache, or sick to your stomach feeling, etc. 

-Close your eyes
-Breathe in and exhale a couple of times to give your body a chance to settle down.
-Scan your body from feet up or just take your attention to it
-notice the places your body calls you to
-you can even ask, “What am I holding on to?
-picture a a color, white light or water flushing out the ache or tension
-smile as you take a breath in and exhale as you relax your shoulders
-slowly open your eyes take a minute before resuming activity so your body registers your efforts toward clearing.

5 minutes, repeat as needed

*These exercises don’t replace the need for medical attention. Listen to your body.