5 Minutes to De-clutter Your Vibe

Posted on 05 Oct 2016
De-clutter your emotional catch basins so you may experience a flow in your environment. When challenging changes in our day to day occur, our bodies tend to register these moments like small trauma events. Sometimes we think we are over it. Suggestion: Make time (5 minutes) to notice


Posted on 22 Apr 2015
Set intentions for EARTH DAY 2015! In case you can not get out and spend time in nature, you might want to consider a contribution to the Earth vibe by taking a deep breath upon awakening, of appreciation for Mother Earth and slowly exhale that intent back into the universe. Or take 5

To Define Your Purpose Start with Intention

Posted on 16 Apr 2015
I believe that each of us has a purpose and everyone I meet is part of my journey to finding that purpose. Even if it’s for a moment (good or not so good).  I also believe that the journey to define my purpose, is created in the intention I set for myself, with the idea of detaching m

Change It Up!

Posted on 13 Dec 2014
It’s a new day!Reset your intentions for the day. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” -Dyer


Posted on 03 Nov 2014
Take a moment to breathe… continue to tune yourSELF into alignment.

Tools SELF-Transformation!

Posted on 19 Oct 2014
“The secret to accepting the world and changing it is to accept yourself as you are, right now, in all your diverse, contradictory splendor.” Deepak Chopra   As I learn, I want to share, make a moment to feed yourSELF:

Up The VIBE!

Posted on 08 Jul 2014
Here is a FABULOUS list of ideas that will UP YOUR VIBE!

Resistance is…

Posted on 13 Jun 2014
  Resistance is the indication that it’s time to expand. Your soul is calling you to move out of all feelings of being stuck. This might help ease the resistance- “Imagine you breathe in white light, let it engulf your entire body and as you exhale to the count of 8&#

The Clutter Connection Vibration

Posted on 12 Jun 2014
Quick Tip: Clutter Connection To Your Life