How Do You Feed YOUR Field?

Posted on 22 Aug 2013
I LOVE reading, learning and experimenting with the “Field Of Potentiality”! Knowledge may be power, but powerless if the force (that would be YOU) retaining that knowledge doesn’t put it to use.  Don’t wait for the next Certification or Masters Degree to start

Cancel That! And Let It Bloom!

Posted on 19 Jul 2013
“Joy cannot be perceived except through constant vision” ~TCIM What you think and how you see what you think is what you will attract as a desired outcome to any situation. Catch that negative thought and say “cancel that”, replace with a desired outcome to any

In Any Situation

Posted on 01 Jul 2013
In any situation, for those of you working on a SELF awareness, what is my PURPOSE, how can I CONTRIBUTE to the imprint of humankind journey, again I say, in any situation, before moving forward, ask yourself… “What is the purpose that it will serve?” In other words,

1 2 3 4 5

Posted on 25 Jun 2013
  1 2 3 4 5  1.     Put your hands out in front of you with your palms up. 2.     Bring them together; lay the right hand over the left hand. 3.     Hold them over your heart. 4.     Take a D…E…E…P breath. HOLD IT. 5.     Release as you say P…E…A…C…E……..  (Drop your shoulders to

Depletion In “Wanting”

Posted on 11 Jun 2013
Take a moment today to assess the things you DO have (your health, life experience, imagination, the ability to Love, the ability to make room to be Loved, the ability to be present, etc.)  Be conscious and know that every thought carries a vibration.  When you spend your time on “wan

What’s Your Life’s Story?

Posted on 30 Apr 2013
Does your story , when you tell it to others, include frustration, anger, fear, anxiety or despise? What if you don’t have to believe your story?  What if you could change your story? What if you had control over changing your story, to include productivity, flow, ease, happines

Creative Expression

Posted on 26 Apr 2013
Expressing yourself through creative acts, can be one of the most rewarding things one can do for the body, mind and spirit. There are no rules to your creativity and when doing it, it gives room for your authentic self to express.  This aligns your feelings, your need to connect, you

Weeds Of The Mind

Posted on 24 Apr 2013
Take a moment everyday for yourself and tend the garden of your mind.  Weeds of the mind grow from issues not tended to and look like anxiety, frustration, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-loathing, anger, etc. Try this, something tangible, like expressing (and I mean WHATEVER f

Keep Your VIBE Clean

Posted on 23 Apr 2013
Be the observer of your own expression; every thought, every word, all body language, every look (the “look”), is a form of communication. It carries energy and contributes to sending out vibrations into the environment.  Make “Earth Day” everyday; keep your VI