Awareness To Your Space

Posted on 19 Apr 2013
Today is the perfect day to start changing the environment around you or in you, to allow more room for growth.  Bring in awareness to your workspace, your play space, your sleep space or the space where you eat.  Remember EVERYTHING carries energy.  Take a moment today to de-clutter 

Attract Negative Or Positive; Your Choice

Posted on 18 Apr 2013
Studies are out that we are energy beings, in other words, we carry energy, project energy and share energy.  In the frame work of the “Law of Attraction” which is based on attracting those things we think of (negative or positive), we can direct our energy to have better

Hypnotherapy to Ease Dis-Ease

Posted on 17 Apr 2013
Symptoms of DIS-EASE show up in unexplained body ailments; unexplained throat problems, unexplained numbness in the hands, feet, legs and arms, unexplained allergy symptoms (not in season), clenching of the teeth, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, offensiveness or defensiveness.  As

On Purpose!

Posted on 16 Apr 2013
Do something on purpose.  Doing something that will uplift your vibration, contributes to healing down to the very cells of your body. Do something  on purpose today that contributes to your wellbeing.  The results will be left with a smile.

Be A Conscious Thought Maker

Posted on 15 Apr 2013
“The power of your thoughts can be the most damaging to the health and wellbeing of your current state of mind.  The power of thoughts can also be the miracle you’ve been waiting for to up lift, heal and change your current state of being.” ~NC Today, be conscious of

Fear Doesn’t Exist

Posted on 13 Apr 2013
Fear doesn’t exist.  Fear is made up in our heads  from collective PAST experiences, that we carry over to our PRESENT moment, (to justify the why not) and project into the FUTURE.  If we are too busy worrying about the past in our present moment, we will miss opportunities happ

Seal It With Faith

Posted on 12 Apr 2013
Cast an intention/goal and seal it with faith. Don’t look back, allow the universal elements to nurture and manifest it. ~NC

Meditation Recommended

Posted on 05 Apr 2013
Meditation expands self-awareness and is a tool for the re-discovery of our body’s own inner intelligence. Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of your

Invest In Yourself Today

Posted on 02 Apr 2013
Remember that the most important relationship you can have is the relationship with YOURSELF.  Sometimes bringing up the awareness of the Self: your relationship or lack of relationship with YOURSELF, brings discomfort.  Know that this is your body reminding you to LOVE yourself by cr