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1 2 3 4 5

 1.     Put your hands out in front of you with your palms up.

2.     Bring them together; lay the right hand over the left hand.

3.     Hold them over your heart.

4.     Take a D…E…E…P breath. HOLD IT.

5.     Release as you say P…E…A…C…E……..  (Drop your shoulders to relax)

Thank you for adding a moment of peace to your vibrational SELF.

Depletion In “Wanting”

Take a moment today to assess the things you DO have (your health, life experience, imagination, the ability to Love, the ability to make room to be Loved, the ability to be present, etc.)  Be conscious and know that every thought carries a vibration.  When you spend your time on “wanting” from a perspective of disadvantage, you are actually depleting your body from positive energy that can be used for moving toward your desired intentions and supplement your Self-Care.  

“Today I will remind myself that I am equipped with all that I need to put forward my desired intentions.”


What’s Your Life’s Story?

Does your story , when you tell it to others, include frustration, anger, fear, anxiety or despise? What if you don’t have to believe your story?  What if you could change your story? What if you had control over changing your story, to include productivity, flow, ease, happiness, safety and peace?

One suggestion that can help transform your story to have a better ending, is to take a moment, step back and act as an observer, assess the best response (with the intent to benefit all involved) and not the quickest reaction.  Try it today and start rewriting your story.

Creative Expression

Expressing yourself through creative acts, can be one of the most rewarding things one can do for the body, mind and spirit.

There are no rules to your creativity and when doing it, it gives room for your authentic self to express.  This aligns your feelings, your need to connect, your body’s need to feel good, your mind’s need to think freely and your spirit to re-connect to the infinite potential of possibilities you have within yourself that you sometime forget exists.

Do one out of the box creative act today and be IN JOY.

Weeds Of The Mind

Take a moment everyday for yourself and tend the garden of your mind.  Weeds of the mind grow from issues not tended to and look like anxiety, frustration, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-loathing, anger, etc.

Try this, something tangible, like expressing (and I mean WHATEVER feelings or language comes up at the moment; no need for political correctness here) one of these weeds on a paper. Then end your statement with acknowledging the learning you received from it, thanking yourself and the experience. Then most of all create a burning ritual for the note and release it back out into the universe as a mind healing issue.  Breathe… and exhale P…E…A…C…E……

Keep Your VIBE Clean

Be the observer of your own expression; every thought, every word, all body language, every look (the “look”), is a form of communication. It carries energy and contributes to sending out vibrations into the environment.  Make “Earth Day” everyday; keep your VIBE clean.

Awareness To Your Space

Today is the perfect day to start changing the environment around you or in you, to allow more room for growth.  Bring in awareness to your workspace, your play space, your sleep space or the space where you eat.  Remember EVERYTHING carries energy.  Take a moment today to de-clutter or bring in nature to your space.  Try it now, notice your space.  Is there trash or broken items? Or could your space use some nature (a plant or a flower) to balance out the electronics.  Even by removing one thing that does not serve you, will clear the way for a better energetic environment in YOU.  Thank yourself for doing it.

Attract Negative Or Positive; Your Choice

Studies are out that we are energy beings, in other words, we carry energy, project energy and share energy.  In the frame work of the “Law of Attraction” which is based on attracting those things we think of (negative or positive), we can direct our energy to have better outcomes in our present situations.

Be conscious of what you think and say about yourself and others, what you attract with that also goes back out as negative or positive energy to create your surroundings.



Hypnotherapy to Ease Dis-Ease

Symptoms of DIS-EASE show up in unexplained body ailments; unexplained throat problems, unexplained numbness in the hands, feet, legs and arms, unexplained allergy symptoms (not in season), clenching of the teeth, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, offensiveness or defensiveness.  As we continue to have life experiences, our bodies collect energy.  Unprocessed life experiences (energy) will manifest in illness/disease.   Nurture your body and mind by clearing away locked up emotional energy.  There are many nontraditional modalities you can explore, hypnotherapy may be a solution for you.


On Purpose!

Do something on purpose.  Doing something that will uplift your vibration, contributes to healing down to the very cells of your body. Do something  on purpose today that contributes to your wellbeing.  The results will be left with a smile.