Keep Your VIBE Clean


Be the observer of your own expression; every thought, every word, all body language, every look (the “look”), is a form of communication. It carries energy and contributes to sending out vibrations into the environment. [..]

Awareness To Your Space


Today is the perfect day to start changing the environment around you or in you, to allow more room for growth.  Bring in awareness to your workspace, your play space, your sleep space or the [..]

Hypnotherapy to Ease Dis-Ease


Symptoms of DIS-EASE show up in unexplained body ailments; unexplained throat problems, unexplained numbness in the hands, feet, legs and arms, unexplained allergy symptoms (not in season), clenching of the teeth, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, [..]

On Purpose!


Do something on purpose.  Doing something that will uplift your vibration, contributes to healing down to the very cells of your body. Do something  on purpose today that contributes to your wellbeing.  The results will be left with a [..]

Fear Doesn’t Exist

Manifest Your Dreams

Fear doesn’t exist.  Fear is made up in our heads  from collective PAST experiences, that we carry over to our PRESENT moment, (to justify the why not) and project into the FUTURE.  If we are [..]

Meditation Recommended


Meditation expands self-awareness and is a tool for the re-discovery of our body’s own inner intelligence. Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s finding the silence that’s [..]

Invest In Yourself Today


Remember that the most important relationship you can have is the relationship with YOURSELF.  Sometimes bringing up the awareness of the Self: your relationship or lack of relationship with YOURSELF, brings discomfort.  Know that this [..]