Note To Self Series:

Emotional Pain:

View emotional pain as an energy.  Not good or bad, just energy.  For example, if someone says something hurtful and you start to feel the painful subtleties well-up in the experience and the thoughts you want to express as a quick reaction,  remember that you are actually creating a resisting type of energy that accumulates in the heart.  Also remember that if something someone says stings you enough to move you to react in a similar negative reaction and you really cannot breathe through it, then there is some energy that is still stuck in your amygdala that needs to be cleared so that insignificant events don’t create a trigger for past events stored emotionally. 

This note is inspired by a book I listened to called “the untethered soul” by Michael A. Singer. The “untethered soul” provides clear perspectives to the understanding about the voice in your head, the chatter that questions all your decisions or some call it the monkey brain.

Norma Cardenas
Essence Marketing, LLC